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This is the latest version QLD Gov Form 9 v2 2024 - Back Flow Prevention Testing


The Department of Housing Local Government Planning and Public Works has released an updated version of the mandatory plumbing and drainage Form 9 – Registration and report on inspection and testing of testable backflow prevention devices.


Licensees must use the approved Form 9 to record the particulars of a backflow prevention device used for testing, the results of testing, and whether the device complies with AS/NZS 2845.3.

The previous version of the Form 9 (published in July 2019) can continue to be lodged with, and accepted by, local governments provided they were signed before 15 May 2024. The amended Form 9 should be used from 15 May 2024 with an expectation that it will be the only Form 9 used after 31 August 2024.


This form is for use with ServiceM8 Forms you must have a ServiceM8 Account to use this form.  


Once uploaded to your ServiceM8 account you can fill this form in on your iphone, ipad or computer.


This form has been built to be filled in as quickly and easy as possible.


To upload to ServiceM8

  • First save the zip file to your computer, then unzip or extract the file.
  • Log in to ServiceM8
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Forms
  • Go to Import File
  • Find the File and Upload
  • That's it!

Once uploaded you will find the Form in your Forms List, if you want to edit the file name you can.


Changes can be made to the following questions (when in Edit mode)

Test Kit No: Change from text to multiple choice and add test kit no.

Certification date of calibration: Change from text to multiple choice and add date of calibration

Licence No: Change from text to multiple choice and add your licence numbers to the list


Do not change any other questions or answer as this would interfer with the template.


If you need to make changes you may wish to book in a Forms training session with Tradies Rescue ($125 + GST p/hr)

QLD Gov Form 9 - Backflow Prevention v2 2024

  • ServiceM8 Form Format sm8f

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