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Google Review Link for Service Area Business Listings

Today I was talking to one of my lovely clients Voltair Electrical & Air Conditioning who are down in frosty Canberra. We were discussing Google Reviews and she was wondering how I had a link on my emails that quickly directed to them to my Google Review page.

I explained that I used a link generator to find my Google Review Link but because their business was listed as a Service Area Business the link generator did not work. So after bit of searching around I found one that works for Service Area Business Listings and would like to share it with you.

Firstly open your Google business listing in Google Maps

Then open another browser tab and go to GMB Reviewmaker:

Select Decode Place ID.

Then enter your business name and press Decode Place ID (in red)

Next go back to your Google map listing and copy the full map address from the address bar

Head back to the GMB Review Maker and paste the full Google Map page URL.

Select Decode Place ID.

You can then Scroll down and find your Review Generation URLs. to use in your emails.

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